Be Scam Aware

In these challenging times there is an ever-increasing risk that people are taken advantage off and cheated. We must all be very cautious the old saying: – “if something appears to be to good to be true it usually is” is very apt in these times.

Some simple rules may be helpful:

  • Never be rushed into any action be it to spend money or pay a supposed overdue Bill. Scammers try to panic people into paying out money. So never act in haste.
  • Never trust a cold caller. If you do not know the person and have not asked for the call always do an independent check of who exactly is calling you.
  • On line do not click on any links that are on unsolicited emails.
  • Check any good offers by another source and do your own research on any goods or equipment on offer.
  • If in any doubt seek independent advice.

Go to the Scamwiseni website for detailed advice and news of new scams that are doing the rounds.