Why should I join a union? What’s in it for me?

Unions make sure working people get a voice at work. Companies where workers are involved in decisions have better training opportunities and are fairly rewarded

Joining a union makes things better for every worker. Want to know how? Let us count the ways ..

When a group of workers act and speak together, their employer has to listen. The larger the membership, the more power the union has when negotiating things like terms or pay. By being part of the union you are part of a large collective that helps to improve things for every member.

Enjoy your 8 hour work day and paid holiday? You guessed it, these were brought to you by unions. Along with things like equal pay and maternity pay. Unions have fought hard to make conditions better for all workers. Over the last 150 years, unions have fought for and won sick pay, the eight-hour day, the weekend, paid holiday and parental leave, the minimum wage, protection from discrimination, equal pay and healthy, safe workplaces

On average, union members get higher pay than non-members. They are also likely to get better sickness and pension benefits, more paid holiday and more control over things like shifts and working hours. In a union, workers join together to negotiate pay and conditions.

Unions push employers to make workplaces more inclusive for women, LGBT workers, Black and minority ethnic workers, older workers and disabled workers. When there’s a strong trade union, women are far less likely to face problems at work while pregnant, on maternity leave or when they return to work

If you run into problems at work, your union has got your back. Local reps are there to help with all sorts of issues. From health & safety, to discipline or equality issues.

Unions make sure working people are treated with respect.

Unions help our members get on in life. We push employers to make sure ordinary working people get chances for training and promotion. We also provide learning opportunities and encourage your employer to do the same.

Unions make sure working people get a voice at work. Companies where workers are involved in decisions have better training opportunities and are fairly rewarded.

Unionised workplaces are safer workplaces. Every year, unions train 10,000 reps to spot unsafe working practices and cut accident rates. Workplaces with union representation have significantly lower injury rates.

If you’d like to hear more about the history of unions, the TUC and how they’ve changed the working landscape for workers in the UK, check out TUC 150