BT Consumer breaks agreement on TM2 Salaries 


Dear Member

BT Consumer breaks agreement on TM2 Salaries – CWU Response to the company Brief to members in Early Life

· The CWU have not agreed the £21,511 (plus 5% bonus) rate of pay for TM2 grades.

·  The rate for the TM2 grade agreed by the CWU in 2019 with BT Consumer Senior Leaders, is now £24,396 +10% and this was based on market rates.

·  The total difference including bonus between the agreed rate and the unagreed rate will result in you being paid over £4000 less per year than you should be.

·  BT Consumer know CWU members are not happy, they think they can buy off those who have been doing higher graded work over the last 12 months, with a one off payment of £1500. 

The CWU National Team has been pushing the company since May 2021 to move members in Early Life to the agreed TM2 grade and salary. As a result of CWU pressure the Company have been forced to act but their offer of a solution falls far short of what you deserve.

Members must not be misled by the Company’s claim that your colleagues, who do the same role, are on historical grades and this is the reason they are paid more.

The current senior management made and signed an agreement in 2019 which included the rate of pay for TM2 grades, based on market comparisons, they are now imposing a lower rate without agreement only 3 years later.

BT Consumer management are once again showing they do not value the challenging role you do.  This is yet another an attack on your pay and terms and conditions, imposed without consultation with the representatives of the people impacted.

The CWU is standing up for members and more than ever it is time to stand firm with your union and your colleagues. We need to send a clear message to the company that you are angry at the way they continue to treat you and that you are not prepared to accept yet another imposed and unagreed attack on pay.


Yours sincerely

Stephen Albon

National Officer