TM1 single skilled covering TM2 dual skilled role


Dear Member,

TM1 single skilled covering TM2 dual skilled role

As members will be aware we have a long outstanding grading claim in early life for single skilled TM1 members carrying out tripled skilled work in service.

In agreeing the new operating model in Consumer we agreed the introduction of TM1 Single skilled roles and in addition agreed grading for TM2 dual skilled roles in Sales (Value + Loyalty) and Service (Billing + Repair).

Our assessment of the role in the Early Life as TM2 was presented to the company in October 2021. As we already have an agreed TM2 assessment in Service for members carrying out dual skilled Billing and Repair calls we expected the process in agreeing the early life role at TM2 to be a formality.

Unfortunately despite numerous calls and meetings with BT Consumer our demands for a response have been refused.

The financial detriment that members suffer as a result is massive as the current salary for the TM2 dual skilled role with the unagreed and imposed £1500 pay rise sits at just under £25,000.

In addition we are now aware that in sales TM1 single skilled advisors are carrying out the agreed TM2 dual skilled Value and loyalty role without the uplift to £25,000.

I want to assure members we continue to push the company to honour what we agreed under Belle and we will keep members fully updated.

It is important that all existing members ensure that they encourage any non-members in their team to join the CWU so we can address this for all members impacted.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Albon

National Officer