BT Pay Review 2022 – BT profits increase

Dear Member,

BT Pay Review 2022 – BT profits increase – they can afford to pay you more!

Profits announced yesterday by BT showed a 2% increase in underlying profits to a whopping £7.6 billion(EBITDA). On top of this BT is due to return payments to shareholders which will cost them £761 million.

While you are struggling to meet the demands of the Cost of Living Crisis, the BT Board, who receive incentive pay-outs based on the value created for the shareholder, and major shareholders, continue to make massive financial gains from the profits you have worked to create.

Philip Jansen has stated: “BT Group has again delivered a strong operational performance thanks to the efforts of our colleagues across the business”. Yet BT still refuse to give you a cost of living pay rise for your efforts!

In the face of such shameless profiteering, we need to make a stand as it’s clear that BT can afford to give you a bigger payrise.

We are currently working hard to get the essential legal requirements in place we will then be able to set the timetable for our industrial action ballot. You can assist by ensuring your branch has your correct details, particularly your home address, grade and workplace.

To be clear, it is a legal requirement that the ballot has to be conducted via post, so it is essential that your home address details are up to date. 

It’s time to make a stand and to tell BT that enough is enough!

Yours sincerely

Andy Kerr

Deputy General Secretary T&FS