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‘Our Hours’ victory complete as Openreach switches off PTT

Feb 3rd was the first day that thousands of Openreach engineers won’t be contractually obliged to give up to 60 minutes of their time at each end of the working day for free – thanks to the successful conclusion of a long and hard fight for fairness by the CWU.

Exactly three years after the launch, in January 2019, of the union’s high profile ‘Our Hours’ campaign against the blatantly unequal treatment of an ever growing percentage of the field engineering workforce, management have this morning switched off the despised ‘Personal Travel Time’ (PTT)  system in its entirety.

With just over half of the entire field engineering workforce benefitting from the change – namely all those employed since September 2012, when the company reneged on an almost identical previous agreement with the union – the watershed moment is in the process of being marked by a countrywide celebration of a momentous CWU achievement that positively impacts around 14,000 individuals.

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