IMPORTANT: Former Rivus Employees – Take Action Now

Dear Colleague 

Former Rivus Employees – 26th January is approaching

The union has now confirmed that it intends to take legal action against Holman and Rivus for their failure to consult with the union, as they are obligated to do under the TUPE Regulations.

In a previous briefing, we advised;

The legal requirements mean that this action is on behalf of the union as an entity and not individual members.  It is the union’s intention that any financial remedy that may result will however, at least in part, be shared with those who were members of the CWU at the time of the service transfer on the 29th September and who remain members until the conclusion of the union’s legal claim against Rivus and Holman.  This includes those members that transferred to Holman under the TUPE regulations.

However, we have after careful consideration decided to reopen membership for a limited period for members who were previously employed by Rivus and whose membership has lapsed since the 29th September.  This is being done because some of you paid your union subscriptions through deductions from your Rivus pay and therefore, your CWU membership may have unwittingly lapsed.

This Briefing is to remind those of you that are yet to re-join that you have until 26th January 2024, to do so. 

You should now do this by emailing the CWU’s membership department on advising them that you are a former Rivus employee that wishes to re-join the union.  You can also call them direct on 0208 971 7447. 

We appreciate that some of you will be unemployed while others will be employed by companies that may not recognise the union and others will be working for companies that do recognise the CWU, e.g. Royal Mail Fleet.  There will also be those people that TUPED to Holman.  It is for this reason that we are advising you to contact the membership department, as different arrangements will prevail for those of you in these different categories.

For those of you that have already re-joined, we are in the process of placing you in one of the above categories and if necessary we may contact you for further information.

Yours sincerely

Allan Eldred

National Officer