Redundancy mitigation tops CWU agenda at VMO2

Redundancy mitigation tops CWU agenda at VMO2 as bosses confirm 450 more job cuts

Every possible way of avoiding compulsory redundancies is being forensically explored at VMO2 following the company’s announcement last Friday of its final round of organisational changes for 2023.

Ever since VMO2 revealed in July its intention to make up to 2,000 job cuts this year the  union has been striving, with some success, to challenge the need for compulsory job losses in the comparatively small number of areas within the union’s collective bargaining unit  that have been  identified for headcount reductions.

That effort to ensure that voluntarism takes centre stage in the company’s ongoing transformation programme is now being turbo-charged following last week’s news that a final tranche of around 450 role reductions across the business is now being sought.

While the CWU has been assured there will be a maximum of 62 redundancies across ex-O2 general population grades, the union is also representing the interests of a significant number of PSG-grade contact centre advisors at Preston Brook. Read the full story below: