TUC Young Workers Month

Held in November every year, TUC Young Workers Month promotes trade unions to young workers and shows how unions are relevant to their lives at work and beyond.

It is an opportunity for unions to campaign on the most important issues for young workers, give a platform to their organising activities and demonstrate the value that young members bring to the trade union movement.

In 2021, we’ve seen how important our key workers are and how undervalued they can be. And we’ve saw young workers hit hardest by the pandemic. Whether through rising unemployment or because they work in sectors of the economy hit hard by lockdown and furlough their job prospects and pay have been hit. Lockdowns and working from home have changed how we live of our lives. There are so many issues where the experiences of young workers need to be heard. That’s why during the month, the TUC have events and activities taking place to hear the voice of young people. 

Find a full list of events, reports and resources here