Join the Solidarity Session – CWU Repayment Project Engineer Members Strike

A virtual RPE members’ picket line commenced at 9am today. A further three all-out strike days are already scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday next week, demonstrating the scale of RPEs’ fury over seven months of management’s stonewalling of their objections since the changes were imposed last July.

Their anger has only been exacerbated in recent weeks by veiled but increasingly pervasive attempts at intimidation by some managers. Uncomfortable one-to-ones and not-so-subtle hints at how individuals can ‘report for work while outwardly appearing to be striking’ all point towards growing company unease at a situation which is slipping beyond  its control.

The tactics aren’t working, however. The tight-knit group of  highly skilled D1-graded engineers remain solidly united that management’s decision to take the role out of the CWU-represented grading structure and place it on the lowest rung of the managerial ladder is wrong on multiple fronts.

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The ‘Solidarity Session’ will commence at 7pm on Wednesday 24th February. Register to participate here

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