ISS National Team Election 2021

Dear Colleague

ISS National Team Election 2021

The CWU ISS National Team consults and negotiates with the employer on behalf of members that work on the ISS BT Contract.  

Elections to this team are due every two years and usually follow the TFSE elections. 

CWU branches with members working on the ISS BT contract are now being invited to submit nominations for positions as follows:

4 lay members employed by ISS with one of the four positions reserved for a member from Housekeeping. 

In the event of no Housekeeping member standing then the position will be filled by the highest runner up.



Open on the 3rd of December 2021 and close at noon on the 10th December 2021. 


Should a ballot be required, it will open on the 13th December and close at noon on the 20th of December, with results being declared on the 21st December 2021.   

Branches are requested to ensure nominations are forwarded to Lisa Defontaine at

Please make sure the consent of the person being nominated has been sought, and supply their up to date contact details and membership number.  

Yours sincerely

Tracey Fussey

National Officer

CWU Telecoms & Financial Services