Erin Massey is running for Regional Secretary

CWU NITB Branch Secretary Erin Massey is running as your NEW Regional Secretary.

You will shortly be receiving ballot papers for this election by post and can vote either online or by post.

Erin is willing and able to sit beside and support all major unions when they meet with our local Political Parties in NI to make them aware of exactly what the many hundreds and thousands of working members expect from them.

Protection for our Jobs and Pensions

Protection for our Health Service

Protection of much needed Investments to bring in and sustain more employment opportunities in NI.

Protection for our T&Cs, by lobbying them for their support for the attacks us workers are under, support our “Count me In Campaign” “Period Poverty” Dangerous Dogs “bite back” these are a few examples of many issues we face.

None of the help for these issues are handed out on a plate, they have to be demanded and fought for, but they can be successful, as in the “four Pillars agreement” back in Dec 2020.

All you have to do is put the Right Person in the Right Role for Your Union.

You joined this Union, to be a part of a Union that is here to make a difference
It’s now Your Time to make that difference, use your VOICE, use your VOTE.

With our full support, we ask you to vote for Erin for Regional Secretary