Don’t add insult to injury Fujitsu urged

Fujitsu is being urged to rethink its “penny-pinching” decision to pay nothing more than statutory redundancy terms to loyal workers in Belfast who’ve stuck with the company through thick and thin.

Despite Fujitsu’s track record of paying enhanced severance terms to employees in site closure situations – and the fact that just in January this year the group in question were specifically discouraged from applying for an incentivised voluntary exit scheme on account of the then profitable nature of their work – the small but intensely loyal group of CWU members are set to receive just legal minimum redundancy payouts when their site closes on April 15.

The closure of the Belfast site has been prompted by BT’s decision earlier this year not to renew a longstanding contract for the maintenance and repair of 21CN equipment – despite earlier speculation there would be a three-year extension. That bombshell was all the more painful for the eight CWU members impacted given it was only in 2016 that they successfully fought to defend their jobs – ultimately transferring to Belfast following the closure of the company’s Antrim factory in 2016.

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