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“It’s absolutely incredible and hard to believe that – after months of discussions, a thumping consultative ballot result and then a statutory ballot that absolutely smashes every hurdle in our way – the company claims to still be ‘not quite sure’ what this dispute is all about,”

Davie Bowman

Engineers in the CWU are on strike today at Openreach to defend the integrity of their roles — here’s why you should support them

CWU assistant secretary DAVIE BOWMAN explains how the grade of repayment project engineers is being attacked, meaning worse pay and conditions for most

“If the company wants a battle all they need to do is continue what they’re doing in negotiations at present – in other words not moving on the key issues including redundancies.That’s a matter for them – it’s their decision – but let me make it clear: The CWU is ready to go into battle if that is what it takes.”

Andy Kerr

The countdown is on to the first industrial action anywhere in BT Group since 1999, with the union’s small but intensely loyal membership of Repayment Project Engineers (RPEs) intent on delivering a historic stand against management intransigence, misinformation and now tacit intimidation.

“Without that further consideration it’s the view of the Technology national team that these proposals will undoubtedly lead to further compulsory redundancies, and it will be our aim to avoid these by all means possible.”