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Join the urgent campaign to save the EE Enniskillen call centre and protect over 300 local jobs. Our community faces a significant threat as the potential closure looms, impacting the local economy and families in County Fermanagh. Stand with us to preserve vital employment opportunities and maintain economic stability in our region. Get involved today to make a difference—every action counts. Support Enniskillen, save local jobs, and help keep our community thriving.

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The EE Enniskillen call centre is a lifeline for our community. It’s closure threatens over 300 jobs, eroding the heart of our local economy. This is a community crisis. Local businesses, public services, and the Fermanagh economy stand on the brink of a devastating blow.
Workers at EE Enniskillen contribute approximately £6-9 million annually to the local economy. This includes salaries, local purchasing, and use of local services.
Every voice counts.

Your involvement in this campaign sends a powerful message: we stand united for our community’s future. By acting together, we can protect jobs, support local families, and preserve the vitality of our area.
As the largest employer in a rural area, the site provides essential jobs to 300 employees, making it a critical source of employment in County Fermanagh.
A screenshot of the BBC Sounds website
BBC’s Stephen Nolan Show Coverage

News of the proposed closure of EE’s Enniskillen site reached a wide audience thanks to coverage on the BBC’s Stephen Nolan Show.

This segment delves into the challenges faced by our members at the Enniskillen site and the broader implications for the community. Listen to the full discussion at BBC Sounds.
Local Response: The Impartial Reporter

The Impartial Reporter has covered the local council’s proactive approach to addressing potential job losses at the Enniskillen site including a meeting with Invest NI and upcoming meeting with BT.
“We are meeting BT this Friday as a council. I’ve spoken to multiple business owners in the town regarding various solutions and tactics to support the workers. I haven’t given up on a positive outcome for the site and I’m trying to go down any and all avenues to do so.”
Eddie Roofe Alliance Party councillor
Economy Minister writes to BT

The situation has prompted comments and a letter to BT from Economy Minister Conor Murphy.

Mr Murphy highlighted BT’s historical relationship with his department and the £9m in grant support provided by Invest NI from 2017 to 2020. Mr. Murphy also emphasized that the job losses would contradict the objective of regional balance and could damage BT’s reputation.

Read more about his statement here
“Should these job losses materialise it would be completely contrary to my economic vision and particularly to the objective of regional balance.”
Conor Murphy Economy Minister
ICTU Northern Ireland Committee

The Trade Union representative body for Northern Ireland has asked affiliates to get behind our campaign