Major agreement on 999 call handlers’ attendance patterns out to ballot

Members across BT Business Voice Services are voting on a major shake-up of attendance patterns that the union believes offer significant benefits over the arrangements that are currently in place.

Placed before members in an e-ballot which commenced on Wednesday, the comprehensive menu of attendances contained in the new Attendance Collective Agreement go a long way to address long-standing CWU concerns over inadequate advance visibility of attendances across Voice Services.

The consultative poll follows the company’s confirmation at the start of this week that, following a division-wide preference exercise, almost 98% of advisors are in line to receive their first choice of attendance pattern immediately – with the rest placed on a waiting list to transfer to their preferred option at the earliest possible opportunity.

Crucially, the portfolio of attendances set out in the CWU-brokered agreement see the variation in start times greatly reduced and significantly restricted – and much improved visibility of what pattern of duties individuals will be working for the foreseeable future.

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