Openreach Ltd – Driver Safety App

Dear Colleague,

OPENREACH Ltd – Driver Safety App

The National Team (NT) has been informed that the Driver Safety App will now be rolled out across the company.  Please find attached the communications and briefing pack which will be used as part of the rollout process.  LTB 440/2019, issued in July last year, set out the safeguards secured by the NT at that time which enabled our members the choice as to whether to use the app or not, and that is attached for ease of reference.

The letter from the company sets out those assurances including its voluntary use, access to the data and that there will be no repercussions for our members if they choose not to use the app and these continue.  The NT believes these assurances will be welcomed by both those who choose to use it and those who do not.  The purpose of the app is to assist our members, from a safety perspective, whilst driving a company vehicle.

Any enquiries from Branches regarding this LTB should be referred to my office in the first instance.

Yours sincerely,

Assistant Secretary

LTB 471/20 – OPENREACH Ltd – Driver Safety App

LTB-471/20 – Attachment-1

LTB 471/20 – Attachment-2

LTB 471 – Attachment-3

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