‘Stoptober’ Campaign 2021 – Helping Smokers Quit!

The British Lung Foundation (BLF) is one of many charities supporting this years ‘Stoptober Campaign’. BLF is the only UK charity looking after the nation’s lungs. With people’s support, they aim to make sure that one day everyone breathes clean air with healthy lungs.

Stoptober runs throughout the month of October and there’s never been a better time to quit! Stopping smoking is the best thing smokers can do for their own health – and the health of people around them. It’s never too late to quit. Smokers start seeing the benefits immediately, not just for their own health but also their finances.

There are a number of ways the NHS can support people to quit smoking in Stoptober. The Stoptober App (available on the App Store and Google Play) shows how much money smokers save by stopping, and people can subscribe to get a daily email to boost their motivation. People can also join the stop smoking community or receive more personal support.

Don’t forget the local NHS Stop Smoking Services are free, friendly and can massively boost the chances of quitting for good. GPs, asthma nurses and pharmacists can advise anyone how to get started, talk to people about treatments like nicotine patches, and check individuals’ current medication.

Giving up smoking is not easy, but the benefits are huge:

  • Save Money – You’ll have much more cash in your pocket. If you smoke a packet a day, you could save around £250 each month!
  • Boost your health – No matter how long you’ve smoked for, quitting can help improve your health straight away.
  • Quit for your family – You’re more likely to live longer and have more energy for quality time with your children, family and friends.

What happens when you quit Smoking?

  • The sooner you quit, the sooner you’ll notice changes to your body and health. Look at what happens when you quit for good. If you can make it to 28 days smoke-free, you’re 5 times more likely to quit for good.
  • After 20 minutes, check your pulse rate, it will already be starting to return to normal.
  • After 8 hours your oxygen levels are recovering, and the harmful carbon monoxide level in your blood will have reduced by half.
  • After 48 hours all carbon monoxide is flushed out. Your lungs are clearing out mucus and your senses of taste and smell are improving.
  • After 72 hours if you notice that breathing feels easier, it’s because your bronchial tubes have started to relax. Also your energy will be increasing.
  • After 2 to 12 weeks blood will be pumping through to your heart and muscles much better because your circulation will have improved.
  • After 3 to 9 months any coughs, wheezing or breathing problems will be improving as your lung function increases by up to 10%.
  • After 1 year great news! Your risk of heart attack will have halved compared with a smoker’s.
  • After 10 years more great news! Your risk of death from lung cancer will have halved compared with a smoker’s.

Smoking and Mental Health

Did you know?

Stopping smoking not only improves your physical health but also is proven to boost your mental health and wellbeing. Quitting can improve mood, and help relieve stress, anxiety and depression.


If you don’t smoke, why not try and support and reassure someone who does, remind them of the benefits of giving up.

Stoptober Website

If you need support to stop smoking there is lots of guidance on the ‘Stoptober’ Website at: www.nhs.uk/OneYou/Stoptober and the RMG ‘Feeling First Class’ Website at: www.feelingfirstclass.co.uk

Royal Mail Group

For more information on how to stop smoking and general wellbeing why not take a look at the Royal Mail Group ‘Feeling First Class’ Website at; www.feelingfirstclass.co.uk (Use the code FFC1 to sign up). The smoking guidance includes advice on how to suppress the triggers that make you want to smoke. The CWU Health Safety and Environment Department is encouraging RMG employees/CWU members to ‘Sign-Up’ as a ‘FFC’ Website member in order to utilise all the on-line health tools and the full benefits available.

Download The Free NHS Quit Smoking App


Get a free NHS Personal Quit Plan

Quitting smoking is easier with the right support. Give up for 28 days, and you’re 5 times more likely to quit for good – get your plan now!


Find your local NHS Stop Smoking Service

There’s a free local Stop Smoking Service (LSSS) near you. With their professional help, you’re 3 times as likely to quit for good.



There are also lots of excellent resources, materials and ideas for ways to support giving up smoking on the NHS and PHE Stoptober web sites. Visit the following Links:

NHS Website: Quit Smoking This Stoptober

PHE Website: https://campaignresources.phe.gov.uk/resources/campaigns/126-stoptober-2021

British Lung Foundation: https://www.blf.org.uk/take-action/campaign-with-us/stoptober


  • Stoptober Give Quitting a Go Poster
  • Stoptober Smoking and Mental Health Poster
  • NHS Stop Smoking Treatments Guide

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer