Royal Mail Engineering – VOTE YES!

Dear members,

Royal Mail Engineering (RME) Management are trying a diff erent tactic to the rest of the group.

Part of this tactic is the roadshow which the new Engineering Director is embarking on. It is very easy to be taken in by a new Director telling you – things are going to be different, “I don’t want to do what the previous regime did, I want you doing Engineering tasks, you are skilled and we are going to listen to you” – How many times have we have heard this before?

On the roadshow, you are being told the future of Engineering is fantastic, however, behind the scenes, Royal Mail Engineering are planning their attacks. Changes to Engineering practices are being worked up and the idea is to bypass the national union and go direct to the members. The question you have to ask yourself is what is it you are not being told?

Why doesn’t the Engineering Director want to meet Nationally? The other part of the tactic is not to meet in negotiations and divulge any information. This way, we cannot ask questions and uncover what we are not being told and share with you.

We know there are plans to reduce or remove the Standard Maintenance Procedures. This will mean less workload and in turn less jobs. We also know there is a plan for continuous improvement, which again will mean less workload and less jobs.

However, why don’t Royal Mail Engineering want to discuss this with us Nationally? Is it because we will find the truth about their whole plan?

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