Capita Data Breach

No. 176/23

7th July 2023

Dear Colleagues,


We are aware that Atlas has informed a number of Capita employees that a personal data breach involving Capita’s third party vendor processor Capita Pension Solutions Limited has occurred. This has affected the security of some of our Capita member’s personal data. Atlas process employees’ data to administer the master trust on the Trustee’s behalf.

This follows two reported data breaches earlier in the year.

We are further aware that a communication regarding the breach has been sent to employees from Scott Hill, Chief People Officer, Capita.

The CWU is disappointed that even though we have been in correspondence with Capita regarding the data breach in March 2023 and have from that point been in dialogue seeking clarification as to any employee data breach, they have failed to notify us of the detail.

We are currently in the process of seeking an urgent meeting with Capita to discuss the breach and consequent impact upon our members and will keep members updated accordingly.

This is naturally causing considerable concern and worry for our members, who are keen to understand what has been compromised and what steps to now take.

The CWU Legal Services in partnership with Keller Postman UK Solicitors are assisting members claiming compensation following a data breach or cyber-crime.

A PDF is attached below, with a link at the bottom, for those impacted to click, and be directed to Keller Postman UK website. The PDF has an email address and contact number for the Keller Postman team to answer any pressing questions that may not be answered in the PDF.

The PDF also contains information relevant to the Capita breaches and advice how to deal with them if you are impacted.

If members receive notification that they are affected by a Capita data breach, they can register to receive updates on the investigation into the breach and submit a no-win, no-fee data breach compensation claim.

Members are also advised to contact their local branch with any enquiries.

Further information will be shared once we have met with Capita.

Yours sincerely

Tracey Fussey
National Officer
CWU Telecoms & Financial Services