NEC elections

Branch election & nominations

The time has come to request nominations for all Branch Officer Positions for term 2022 – 2024. Please accept this email, providing the necessary two weeks’ notice period, with a closing date and time of January 25th 2022 at 17.00pm. All nominations should be sent to branch email

Please see below a list of all positions which are open to all members where stipulated. For additional information on these positions please refer to the Branch Constitution which is available on our website at

(a) Branch Chair

(b) Branch Secretary

(c) Branch Treasurer/Financial Secretary *

(d) Equality Officer

(e) Branch Political Officer *

(f) Branch Youth Officer

(g) Women’s’ Officer

(h) BAME Officer

(i) Health and Safety Co-ordinator

(j) Postal Officer

(k) Area Section Secretaries (4) -(North, South, East and West)

4.5.1 Nominations

  1. No member shall be elected to any office without first having been nominated in writing by two members of the Branch, one as a proposer and the other as seconder – and with the candidate’s written consent to the nomination
  2. Such written nomination papers shall be sent to the Branch Secretary or Branch Chair which shall be shown in the notification inviting nominations. The notification shall also state clearly the closing date by which they must be received. This date will allow members 14 clear days to submit nominations.
  3. Each nominee will be given the opportunity of submitting an election address of not more than 300 words; this must be received with the nomination form. All election addresses will be published at least 7 days prior to any election taking place.

Regards and Best Wishes,

Mark Feehily

Branch Secretary (Acting)

Joe Fee

Branch Chair (Acting)

*position available to retired members for nomination