BT Announce transfer of BT PLC Consumer to EE


Dear Member

BT Announce transfer of BT PLC Consumer to EE

It has been announced by BT today that EE will become its flagship brand and all future Consumer marketing will be based on EE products. As part of these changes it is their intention to transfer all BT PLC Consumer employees into EE under a TUPE.

We appreciate that this will cause uncertainty and concern for members. The CWU National Team want reassure members that we will do everything in our power to protect your terms and conditions, collective agreements and future employment.

It is our intention over the coming weeks to keep members updated on the progress of discussions with BT and that you are fully informed and involved throughout.

Should you need any advice or support following this announcement please contact your local branch who will be able to assist you.

At this time it is vitally important that everyone is a member in both EE and BT, please encourage all your colleagues who are not in the CWU to join by clicking the link below or contacting your local branch.

Andy Kerr Stephen Albon

DGST National Officer