Royal Mail Employment Tribunal Holiday Pay Claims


LTB 412/21

12th October 2021

To : All Postal Branches. (Excluding Channel Islands and IOM)

Royal Mail Employment Tribunal Holiday Pay Claims 

Since the publication of LTB 412/21 dated 29th September 2021, which detailed the cut off dates and payment dates for members to receive their appropriate back pay payments, members and some branches have been contacting the Legal Services Department, Unionline and the Tribunal Office in Bristol seeking clarification regarding such payments.

PLEASE NOTE that the sole responsibility for calculating all payments due to members in line with the National Agreement rests with Royal Mail.

If any member has a query regarding their payment calculation, then Branches should make members aware of the Holiday Pay Queries process, as detailed in the Joint Statement between CWU & RMG published in LTB 412/21.

Therefore, members and Branches should not contact the Tribunal Office in Bristol, Unionline or the CWU Legal Services Department with enquiries regarding the level of back payments due and when such payments are to be made, as none of the above have access to such information.

Members should only contact the CWU Legal Services Department if they have submitted an Employment Tribunal application regarding a Holiday Pay claim to indicate if they wish to either withdraw their Tribunal claim or if they wish to continue with their claim. We will then notify the Bristol Tribunal office and Royal Mail accordingly.

The Legal Services Department has now sent out two separate mail shots to members’ home addresses regarding the process for withdrawing their ET claims. If any member has not received the correspondence, please contact the department via email at  

Any member, who wishes to continue with their Employment Tribunal Holiday Pay claim, can do so, on the understanding that the CWU will not provide any further legal representation, in line with the terms of the National Agreement. 

The above also applies to members in Scotland and Northern Ireland, who have submitted Holiday Pay claims to their respective Tribunal offices.

Any enquiries in relation to the content of this LTB should be sent by email to

Yours sincerely,

Tony Rupa

Head of Legal Services