New Year & we’re still here – Royal Mail Strike Re-Ballot

2023 opens with the launch of another strike ballot campaign all around the UK, while our CWU leadership presses Royal Mail hard in negotiations and takes our members’ case to Westminster…

Hundreds of area, branch and divisional reps – each one of them having led, organised and represented their members at workplaces all across the country during this union’s biggest dispute since 1971 – brought a defiant mood of grim determination and resolution to yesterday’s national briefing in central London yesterday.

With 18 days of strike action having been taken between late August and the end of the year, yesterday’s briefing at Euston’s Friend’s Meeting House was called to update everybody on the latest developments and set out and discuss the strategy for the period ahead. And, in his opening speech, our general secretary Dave Ward began by thanking everyone for their remarkable collective strength and unity on the picket lines and in the workplaces.

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