Message of Support from Naomi Long

We recently received a letter of support from Naomi Long, Alliance Party Leader, Northern Ireland’s Justice Minister and MLA for East Belfast, regarding the ongoing challenges faced by workers in EE Enniskillen. Naomi’s letter articulates her concern and support for the workers and families impacted by the current situation.

In her correspondence, Naomi outlines the proactive steps taken by the Alliance Party, including actions by their Economy spokesperson, Sorcha Eastwood MLA, and Enniskillen Councillor Eddie Roofe, to champion workers’ rights and secure the future of employment in our region.

Below is Naomi Long’s full letter, reflecting her commitment and the Alliance Party’s continued support for our workers. Their advocacy efforts span from addressing the issue in Assembly debates to direct dialogues with key stakeholders aimed at mitigating the job losses in Fermanagh.

Hi Erin,

Thank you for reaching out.

I want to say at the outset that the ongoing situation faced by workers in Enniskillen is of deep concern to me and my thoughts and support are with the workers and families impacted.

As you will be aware, Alliance is very much supportive of the workers affected and takes seriously the issue of workers’ rights. Just this week, our Alliance Economy spokesperson, Sorcha Eastwood MLA, took the opportunity to highlight in a debate just how much workers’ rights have fallen behind over the last 7 years of political instability here. She referenced particularly the need to address greater protections for redundancy and consultation as well as the right to recognition of Unions.

In terms of specific actions that we have taken forward to support workers in Enniskillen, Sorcha and our Enniskillen Councillor, Eddie Roofe, have met with yourself and other Union officials to discuss this situation.

Sorcha has also questioned the Economy Minister on the floor of the House on the 12th February regarding the potential job losses. Following this, Sorcha also raised this issue at Economy Committee on the 21st February and requested that the committee agreed to note with ‘concern the potential job losses at BT in County Fermanagh and agreed to write to the Department expressing its concerns and requesting that it do all that it can in order to support the affected employees and minimise the adverse economic impact.’

Separately, Sorcha has also asked written questions to the Economy Minister seeking clarification that Invest NI are involved in conversation with BT in order to be in a position of readiness to help workers.

David Honeyford and Sorcha Eastwood also met with the new Chief Executive of Invest NI and raised the ongoing uncertainty of these workers and the need for further help and support to communities in the West, particularly in the Fermanagh area.

Please be assured that we are very much standing ready to help you and, hopefully, you have found our work to date helpful.  We are very much supportive of you and your campaign to retain these critical jobs in Fermanagh where people have been employed for decades. Your work is important and valued and it is a matter of deep regret to hear of how shoddily workers have been treated.

If there is anything further that you feel we can do to support you, please let us know.

You have our full support in your campaign to protect jobs, livelihoods and community.

Best Regards


Naomi Long MLA

Alliance Party Leader | East Belfast Alliance Assembly Member