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ISS – CWU Pay Claim 2023 – Ballot Result

Further to TB 92/2023 outlining details of the 2023 pay offer for ISS Members, an electronic ballot has been conducted which closed today and the results are as follows:

Accept: 81%

Reject: 19%

Therefore, the offer has been accepted and the Company has been notified of the result.

The offer is as follows:

The 2022 pay deal saw ISS bring forward the annual pay review date from June to May 2023, creating an 11 month review period.

  • Current rate of pay £10.05 will move to the Real Living Wage of £10.90 which is an increase of 8.45%. 

(ISS have already uplifted from the £10.05 to £10.42 to comply with National Living Wage legislation). 

  • The monetary pay differential for all supervisor grades above the baseline for all front line employees will be maintained. 
  • Pay will be uplifted from 17th April 2023 resulting in 2 weeks extra back pay. 
  • ISS has agreed to bring forward the 2024 pay review date to 1 April 2024 resulting in a further 11 month review.  

Thank you to all those members who took the time to participate in the ballot.

Yours sincerely

Tracey Fussey
National Officer
CWU Telecoms & Financial Services