Highlights from the 12th National Pensioners Convention Biennial Delegate Conference

The CWU Northern Ireland Telecom Branch is pleased to share the Minutes of the 12th National Pensioners Convention (NPC) Biennial Delegate Conference, held on 26th and 27th March 2024 at Yarnfield Park, Stafford. This important event gathered delegates to discuss and address key issues affecting pensioners across the UK.

Lawrence C. Huston of the CWU Northern Ireland Telecom Branch National Retired Members Committee and John Martin from the CWU Northern Ireland West Branch attended this conference for the first time as delegates. Their participation provided valuable insights and perspectives which they have shared with our branch.

The conference, chaired by NPC President Rosie MacGregor, addressed a range of topics from pension security and healthcare to social inclusion and climate change. Key moments included discussions on the need for a National Care Service, the impact of voter ID laws, and campaigning against energy company levies. The conference also paid tribute to late members and celebrated the election of new officers.

Despite some procedural challenges, our delegates found the conference to be a rich learning experience, highlighting both the importance and complexity of the issues discussed. They emphasized the need for increased CWU representation in future NPC activities.

We encourage all members to read the full report to stay informed about the outcomes and ongoing efforts that will impact our retired members.

Read the full report here