Ex-BT Consumer Service Bonus

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Ex-BT Consumer Service Bonus

The CWU Consumer National Teams have been in negotiation with the company over plans to align the bonus schemes in EE and EX-BT Consumer Service.

Across Customer Care, the company have two models, one target based (ex BT) and one based on quintiles (EE).  The proposed new model is a hybrid of the EE and BT bonus models, and the company believes the changes help increase the opportunity for members to earn a bonus.

The bonus scheme has been trialled in BT and EE and the data requested from the company shows that in December and January more members were paid a bonus than the previous 2 months and that the amount of bonus members earned increased.  The company have also seen an uplift in billing FCR and NPS performance.

The CWU National Team visited Snow Hill and talked to members on the trial and feedback was positive, in particular around the increased number of people earning NPS bonus.

As a part of the discussions, the company have agreed to firm up the appeals process for NPS and to ensure that all members are fully aware of the process and how to appeal.  Clearly this is important because there are times when surveys do not accurately reflect members’ performance.

The company accepts that there are issues that can impact bonus such as the weather in Tech and Openreach service issues in Early Life.  To address this the company will adjust targets where it is clear that issues outside of advisor control are having a significant impact.

As part of our agreement with the company the CWU has to agree the bonus construct, so we have provisionally agreed a roll out of the new bonus scheme on 01/4/2023 but this will be subject to review until the end of June 2023.  This will allow for 6 months of data to be available which, if it confirms more members are earning bonus, should allow us to reach a final agreement.

The CWU National Team will update members at the end of June but it is vitally important that if you have views or feedback on the trial that you let your local branch rep know before the end of June.


 Stephen Albon
National Officer