Enniskillen Offer of Leaver Payments

Dear Member,

At a meeting on the 4th March 2024 you raised concerns around feeling pressured to sign up to the offer of early paid leaver scheme, even though you would prefer to keep your job in Enniskillen.

You told us that at a site meeting on the 4th March 2024 you were told:

  • Only those who had signed up for the early paid leaver scheme would be guaranteed an earliest leave date of the 31st December 2024. 
  • Should a decision be taken to close the site, and the date was earlier than December 2024, those who had not signed up to leave could lose pay as a result.

In situations like this the offer of early voluntary leaver payments should be to establish the number of individuals who would prefer to remain employed longer term. This then enables the  company to understand the size of potential solutions that are needed to meet these expectations.

We have made representations as a result of your feedback and asked that the company guarantee the 31st December 2024 will be the earliest leaving date, unless individuals choose to leave earlier, regardless of any subsequent decision they may take to close the site at an earlier date. The company have agreed to consider our request.

In the meantime we are still pursuing a solution which will see jobs retained in Enniskillen.

Best Regards

Stephen Albon
National Officer