CWU Meeting with BT Shareholders

Dear Member,

CWU Meeting with BT Shareholders

On 24th October Dave Ward, General Secretary and Andy Kerr Deputy General Secretary T&FS met with BT Shareholders. Dave and Andy were joined by Bill Taylor Head of Research, two BT/Openreach workers and Luke Hildyard, Director of the High Pay Centre – an independent think-tank focussed on pay inequality and corporate governance.

It is the first meeting of this kind and was well attended by major shareholders. The CWU successfully presented the moral argument: BT should be looking after its workers during a cost of living crisis, aside from this it’s the right thing to do for the business, because paying workers fairly helps to ensure a motivated and committed workforce.

The point was robustly made that it would be in the best interest of shareholders for this dispute to be resolved as soon as possible. The BT/Openreach workers explained to the shareholders their view, that senior management’s arrogance, greed and double standards is destroying employee morale as their employer embarks on a relentless “race to the bottom”.

We are hopeful Shareholders will use any influence they have to try to bring BT back to the table for proper negotiations with a view to reaching a fair settlement. We will of course keep you updated of any developments.

Finally, the two days of strike action on the 20th & 24th October were once again hugely successful. With solid support right across the country, you were stronger than ever, well done to you all. The pressure that you have collectively put the company under following eight days of strike action is amazing. The evidence is clear to see in the massive backlogs and work stacks mounting up that will take many weeks to clear.

Stay strong and united and we will win! 

Dave Ward, General Secretary

Andy Kerr, Deputy General Secretary (Telecoms & Financial Services)