CWU-Brokered Pay Deal Wins Strong Approval Among Santander Staff

Members of Santander UK have overwhelmingly voted in favor of a CWU-negotiated pay deal, with an approval rate of 86.8%. The one-year agreement includes an average increase of over 6% for most CWU-represented employees, a cash lump sum, and an additional day off in 2024. The deal features a minimum pay rise of 4.5% or £1,300 for S1-2 grade employees and substantial increases in minimum entry-level salaries. This non-performance-related pay deal also maintains a unique pay progression scheme and enhances family-friendly policies. The settlement is viewed as a strong offer in the sector, aligning with CWU’s objectives of fair recognition and additional cash support for members amidst cost-of-living challenges.

For more details, you can read the full article on CWU’s website.