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The latest #countmein campaign news from the CWU

Workers to BT: Get Serious in Negotiations or Face Industrial Action

BT Group, like so many other companies, are using the pandemic to attack our members’ job security. This is a step too far for us. 

Andy Kerr

Stark choice for Openreach as RPEs deliver historic industrial action vote

In an extraordinary demonstration of Openreach Repayment Project Engineers’ (RPEs) anger and dismay at imposed changes to the grading of the role, the small but fiercely loyal group of CWU members have voted by 86% on a 94% turnout to take industrial action unless management belatedly change tack.

Further redundancy bombshell in Global a blatant management ‘choice’

“With Global now moving to effectively export the jobs of 11 further UK team members to the same locations it’s clear that the company has no scruples whatsoever about  laying off UK workers simply because it believes it can get their work done cheaper overseas,” 

Alan Eldred