Consumer Service Bonus

The CWU have been in negotiations with the company in an attempt to reach agreement on the new Consumer Service Bonus Scheme, in line with the Workforce 20/20 principles of:

·       Simple and transparent

·       Recognising contribution to Company success

·       Appropriate and Relevant measures

·       Targets that are achievable and objective

We have also shared feedback from the bonus survey completed late last year by our members in Consumer in an attempt to reach agreement.

As on target bonus will be paid until the end of April 2021 (with additional stepdowns) the company are prepared to continue talks to try and address the remaining outstanding issues we have with the current proposals around FCR, Target setting and NPS.

The CWU Consumer National Team is pushing to ensure any agreement gives Members more control of their bonus and recognises their contribution. We will update Members on progress.


Stephen Albon
Acting National Officer