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Come clean on site strategy, BT Consumer and EE told

Multiple concerns over job security, deskilling and attacks on terms & conditions are fast drawing to a head in BT Consumer and EE – and this week it was the turn of members in Consumer to vent their anger at management’s current trajectory.

Just days after a blatant company attempt to deflect well-grounded  workforce worries over which contact centres could be vulnerable under BT’s much vaunted  site rationalisation programme, more than 4,000 participated in  a special CWU Facebook Live event on Tuesday in which members were warned against being lulled into a false sense of security.

Reiterating earlier CWU cautions that management’s announcement of refurbishment plans at some call centres  had “failed to give real clarity on the long-term future of the current 27 sites and our members job security in BT and EE”, acting national officer Stephen Albon continued: “There’s still not a full and clear picture post Spring 2022 and we know you won’t be fooled.”

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