BT Pay – Upping the ante

Despite entering into exploratory talks with BT, the company has failed to move on its current position.  The CWU continues to be willing to talk, in order to reach a resolution to this dispute but this can only be done when BT comes to the negotiating table with some firm proposals. Although the action so has impacted the company, we now need to put BT under further pressure. This can only be done by all members taking part in strike action on: 

Thursday 6th October

Monday 10th October

Thursday 20th October

Monday 24th October

The decision has been taken to withdraw all emergency cover, including 999 operators and those workers that support 999, including Relay UK. We are not making exemptions for any members to work during this round of industrial action, this will include call-outs.

Whilst this is an extremely difficult decision to make; these are some of the lowest paid workers in the company, and they too are being undervalued by BT’s refusal to move on their position. Previous goodwill given to BT from this group of workers has now been exhausted because BT took their commitment for granted. This move provides more leverage in the dispute as it will put further pressure on the company and it will attract greater coverage in the media.

It is vital now that we all come together, show solidarity to one another, make picket lines stronger and send a visible message to BT that we will not back down until they give you the pay rise you have earned and deserved.

In solidarity,

Andy Kerr                                                                  

Deputy General Secretary T&FS

Dave Ward

General Secretary