BT Pay – The fight goes on

The fight goes on and the pressure needs to continue!

hilst the last round of strikes got BT back in the room, the talks have amounted to nothing and BT are steadfastly refusing to re-open 2022 pay discussions.  This leaves us with no option but to continue to pile on the pressure –  and support the next round of strike action on 30th and 31st August.  

A reminder of why:

  • BT made £130 000 000 profit last financial year.  They made £400 million in the first quarter of this financial year
  • They gave £761 000 000 to shareholders
  • Philip Jansen, CEO received 32% pay rise to £3,460,000 in 2022) and the chief financial officer receiving 25% pay rise
  • BT have increased their prices by 9.3% and due to increase to an inflation busting 13% in Spring
  • Since 2020, BT pay for CWU grades has increased by 6.6% (including the £1500 imposed award for 2022), whilst RPI inflation has increased by 13.5% 
  • Without any improvement to the imposed £1500 award, this means a real terms pay cut since 2020 of 6.9% based on RPI
  • BT imposed your pay rise without your say.

You have earned this pay rise. You have created these profits.   We continue to be willing to talk and negotiate but the company need to come to the negotiating table with some firm proposals.  

Join a picket line with your colleagues, fight back against this injustice and together we can win this dispute. 

See you on the picket line

Andy Kerr Dave Ward

Deputy General Secretary T&FS General Secretary