BT Pay – A special message to VS members 

Dear Member,

We let you know last week that the upcoming dates for the October industrial action includes 999 operators and support workers.

Prospect has instructed their members (managers) to support BT’s call to volunteer to safeguard this service.  Prospect’s choice to adopt this stance undercuts your industrial action and eliminates the chance for workers to band together to demonstrate solidarity in this issue.

Team leaders have asked many of you to assist in the training of managers, including being floor walkers.  This is not in your job description, it’s a voluntary activity and you are not obliged to assist in this activity. Managers who are advising staff that they have no choice are wrong. It undermines the action. 

The four days of action are designed to have a stretching impact on BT with minimum impact on our members.  Action taken on 6th and 10th will impact on October pay and action taken on 20th and 24th will impact on November pay.  It is likely that you will be asked by your management whether you intend to go to work. Our advice is that you are under no obligation to indicate your intentions prior to the days of action.  

We suggest that you contact your branch if you wish to discuss any of these matters.  

In solidarity,

Dave Ward & Andy Kerr