BT MEMBERS: Message from your Branch

Good afternoon everyone,

We have all heard the phrases “unprecedented situation” “uncharted waters” etc, these are everyday terminologies used daily in trying to deal or explain the current situation surrounding the Coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic we are all facing together.

Unfortunately, these expressions are all too true, they also refer to us within your Union, who are trying to support, advise and negotiate on your behalf to the best of our abilities.  We try our best to provide the correct advice and give the right support, yet we don’t have all the answers for all the questions, we can only try and follow the guidelines issued to all.

The company have also issued guidelines that are built around the core of Governments advice, this is an extremely difficult time for all of us,  each and every one of us need to do everything we can to keep ourselves well but importantly we also need to do our best to help support and maintain the company working structure.

You will have seen by now the last update of the Governments list of “Key Workers” we are an extremely importantpart of this list.  Most of the others lines of businesses mentioned, cannot do their job if we don’t do ours, therefore it is essential that everything is done to protect and maintain the vital services the Telecommunication/Financial Services of BT and Openreach provide to our communities and to the nation as a whole.

We are under no illusion that things will get worse before they get better, and some will be hit more than others, physically, mentally and financially some probably all three.  We will offer as much help and support as possible wherever possible.  Please stay in contact with your branch on our Facebook site, Twitter account and our email account listed below. We will endeavor to keep information on these forums as accurate and up to date as possible, Facebook and Twitter are the quickest and easiest way to reach people, so please if you have access to these accounts through mobile, laptop or desktop, then join us there so we can all stay in touch and support each other.

Please stay safe and well, be sensible and follow the good health advice of “catch it, bin it kill it”make healthy decisions, don’t take risks by not social distancing as much as possible,  “where the job allows” if you do have to go into a public place or residential home, use disposable gloves where possible remember to discard safely directly afterwards, also sanitise or wash hands frequently on every available opportunity.

The majority of those who contract this Virus will be fine after a while but, by not following advice and accepting that this is a life or death situation for the old sick and vulnerable, it is our duty to help where we can within our job roles and personally by not being responsible for spreading the virus to the public or our friends and families, it is preventable if we all follow the same rule.

We will get through this, how quickly and how safely depends on us all making sensible healthy decisions, be kind as you look out for your family friends neighbours and work colleagues.


Erin Massey Branch Secretary, CWU NI Telecom Branch

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