BT EE Pay Review 2022

Dear members in EE,

BT EE Pay Review 2022 – CWU rejected offer! 

BT has made a formal proposal of a flat-rate increase of £1200 consolidated (pro-rata for part-timers), which the CWU has wholeheartedly rejected.  Based on feedback from you, the CWU believe the offer of £1200 is insulting considering the contribution you have made to the business; many of you putting your lives on the line during the pandemic and significantly contributing to BT’s profits.

The CWU has explicitly made a claim for a further increase in pay for those who had the uplift to £20,000 backdated to January 2022.  BT has stated that the proposed £1200 pay rise will not apply in full to those who received the uplift and it is unclear what if any additional increase is proposed for these members.  

In 2021 you had no consolidated pay rise, in 2020 we negotiated a 15-month deal which increased pay overall by 2.79%.  However, you received between 1 – 4% depending on quintile /performance rating, this was at a time when inflation was running relatively high. Currently rising inflation and the squeeze on household incomes means the offer of £1200 is a relative pay cut and impacts those on lower incomes far more.    

The CWU negotiating team has listened to our members’ views and as a consequence we have made the case to BT that you should get a 10% pay rise; this is just a fraction of BT’s profits – they can clearly afford it. Now is the time for BT to put people before profit.  BT need to listen to its workforce and realise you are their greatest asset; they have a clear choice whether to prioritise shareholders or workers.     

We have further negotiations in the coming days, if BT are not willing to make a decent offer, we will need to start preparations for a statutory industrial action ballot.  We therefore encourage all members to ensure we have your correct details, in particular your home address. We need this to send you a ballot paper and without it you will not be able to vote.  Please talk to your colleagues and encourage any that are not members of our Union to join – there is strength in numbers and it’s never been more important to be a member of the CWU.

BT need to hear your voices too – please tell them you are worth 10%, providing your feedback through your Customer Facing Unit’s ‘Workplace’. This is your pay rise; BT must be left in no doubt about your expectations.

Also, let us know your views by taking part in our poll. 

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Yours sincerely

Andy Kerr

Deputy General Secretary T&FS