BT Consumer Smart Working Unagreed Changes


Dear Member

BT Consumer Smart Working Unagreed Changes

The BT/EE Consumer National Team have been made aware of statements made by BT Consumer management regarding our communication to members on the 2nd August 2022.

Our aim, where possible, is to work in partnership with the company. On this occasion, despite the comments from BT Consumer below, we can assure all members that we notified the company well in advance of our communication and that at all times we have acted in a professional manner.

“I am really disappointed with the union communication – as it doesn’t have all the facts and we had no notice of them sending it.”

“This is why I am disappointed about the union communication as I would have preferred you to hear about it from your team leader and not hearsay”

To be clear the CWU National Team were not consulted before EE members were briefed about the Smart Working changes being implemented.

After raising our disappointment over the lack of consultation at a meeting on the 14th July 2022 the company gave its rationale for change and its plans to brief across the whole of BT/EE Consumer.

Following the meeting we shared our comms well in advance and in line with agreed processes. The company did not respond with any issues or concerns about our briefing and sent us an agreed date and time for us to release it.

We have made clear from the very outset of Smart Working that we wanted an agreement on how it would operate, the anger shown by members to senior management is clear evidence of the need for such an agreement which would have avoided many of the concerns members are now raising.

It is still our view there is not a clear rationale for the change other than it is better for members to be together. Members are worried because their pay is not keeping up with the rising cost of living and changes to Smart Working will only compound this due to the massive rise in fuel costs and travel.

We would encourage all members who are unhappy with the changes to raise their concerns with their Team Leader and local rep and to continue to make it clear that they and we are opposed to the changes.

It’s important that members continue to share their views with the company and we will keep you updated.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Albon National Officer