BT Consumer – Smart Working / Return to work

Briefing 168/2021

The CWU EE Consumer National team has been meeting the company regularly around its proposed approach to smart working and members returning to work.

It is the company’s proposal is to have a phased approach to members returning to work with those who wanted to return in phase 1, smart lite in phase 2 and finally bring in those who requested smart max in phase 3.

The Smart working plans have not changed, everyone can work their selected smart working preference.

Throughout September Consumer will work with members and ensure everyone starts to integrate back into the office and begin their smart working preference where local government guidance allows.  They have indicated that there will be a 5% weekly increase through September and they will operate normally by the end of October we have asked for flexibility on this.

Their aim is to have everyone spend some time onsite before the end of September where possible.  This approach will be site led and depend on facilities and any local Covid concerns.

We are working through with the company the options for clinically extremely vulnerable colleagues and the company have said they will deal with these on a case by case basis.  It is important that you speak with your local CWU branch who will support you through this process.

In addition we have raised questions around special equipment at home, issues around returning equipment if members travel on public transport etc.  It is our intention to develop with the company a full Q&A document to cover the many questions that may arise as we go through this process

The company will maintain a full cleaning regime and have advised no one will work face to face without a 2 metre distance.  Whilst the guidelines have been relaxed the CWU believe that all members should adopt a common sense approach and continue to follow social distancing and hygiene guidance.

We will be meeting with the company weekly on Smart Working so if you any questions or concerns please raise these with your manager or local CWU branch.

The safety of our members is paramount and we will continue to work to ensure you are safe and feel supported through this challenging time.

Stay safe

Stephen Albon

Acting National Officer