BT Consumer – Bank Holiday Credits Update

The CWU Consumer National team received a number of complaints around the amount of time credited back to members when their rota day off fell on a bank holiday.

In negotiations with BT Consumer it became clear that the calculation applied by the company had resulted in members not receiving a credit for their full scheduled attendance e.g. 12 hour, 10 hour, part time 3 day etc.

I am pleased to announce that we have now resolved this matter and in line with BT Group policy members will now receive a full credit for their normal scheduled shift length, when their rota day off falls on a bank holiday. This is calculated by adding up all the hours worked in your pattern then dividing by the number of attendances.

The company has also agreed to credit back time to correct any previous discrepancies within the next 3 weeks.

If members have any queries, please contact your local branch.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Albon

Acting National Officer