Bonus Trial BT Consumer Service Billing

Dear Member

Bonus Trial BT Consumer Service Billing

*This only applies to the service bonus not the sales bonus*

The CWU Consumer National team has been in discussions with EE over changes to the way your bonus is calculated.

The company are planning pilot the proposed Customer Care Bonus scheme with advisors in Consumer Billing as their primary service type. 

The company have advised that they want to align the bonus schemes in EE and BT in service and make improvements.

The company advised that they held workshops with team leaders and advisors over the last few months and want to ensure that the feedback and concerns around the current schemes they received is addressed in the new scheme.

It is important to note that we know the quintile approach has been very unpopular in the past and the new scheme will have to demonstrate that it has addressed your concerns with this type of bonus scheme.

It is clear that we have had no negative feedback in relation the current Bonus scheme in ex BT service and want to ensure you we will not agree a new scheme that does not improve on this.

The CWU National Team will remain close to the trial and it is important that members flag any issues, questions or concerns with the new scheme.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Albon
National Officer