Beware the bearer of poisoned ‘gifts’

CWU warns members, amid new Openreach duplicity

Just days after furious CWU protests at Openreach’s plans to ‘trial’ an unagreed new role that undercuts current Ts&Cs and places a time-bomb under the  job security of the existing workforce, the company has fired  another salvo in its increasingly ill-disguised ‘race to the bottom’.

Yesterday (Tuesday) the company announced that another unagreed trial – one that was denounced by the CWU late last year  after  it emerged that management had reneged on a central element that could have defused the long-standing disagreement over Personal Travel  Time (PTT) – will be unilaterally rolled out across Service Delivery, starting next month.

Stripped of the PTT-banishing element, the  union now regards  the ‘My Team Incentive Pilot’  as nothing more than a blunt ‘incentivisation’ tool that introduces a dangerous form of performance related pay by the back door and risks turning back the clock to the darkest days of performance management.

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