Better Workplace Programme – Riverside Tower Belfast

To all CWU Members in BT and Openreach

It was announced last week that Riverside Tower in Belfast would become Home to 2,000 BT and Openreach colleagues with the company taking over all 13 Floors of the building. The Business units represented in the building would include Consumer, Openreach, Enterprise, Global and Digital Networks. The building is to be refurbished in 2 phases and full occupation will be completed in early 2023.

The people impacted would have being contacted last week to be advised and the vast majority of those impacted are already working in Riverside Tower or Telephone House in Belfast. For some however, particularly those who currently work outside the Belfast area, this will have caused anxiety due to the potential increase in travelling time. The company has advised the CWU that it will work with you our member and us your Union to explore the best possible solution to any change.

If any member has any issue with the move you can flag it up to the local CWU via If you could include a short summary of your personal circumstances and a contact number that would be helpful.

Please note: You will still have to go through the official company process if you raise an issue with ourselves and you should also flag your concerns to your Team Leader at that meeting.

Mark Feehily
CWU NITB Branch Secretary