Assurances demanded on job security across Capita’s VMO2 contract

Urgent assurances demanded on job security across Capita’s VMO2 contract as yet more redundancies are announced

September 1 2023

The third major redundancy announcement in less than two months involving CWU members working on Capita’s VMO2 contract has added new urgency to serious questions already being posed by the union and high profile politicians over both companies’ approach to organisational change and their commitment to UK workers.

On Thursday last week (August 31) 154 Capita employees working on the VMO2 ‘Out of Hours and Complaints Team’ became the latest group to be placed at risk of redundancy as a result of a reorganisation that will see ‘Out of Hours’ support for VMO2 customers offshored and ‘Formal Complaints Support’ brought back in-house by VMO2.

Despite the fact that VMO2 says it expects the latter work to be split across various internal teams spread over multiple UK locations, it has formally requested that Capita initiate a ‘pre-TUPE transfer redundancy consultation’.

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