100% solidarity with Enniskillen members at Conference

Last week at the CWU annual conference, a significant motion was raised by the Northern Ireland Telecoms Branch in support of the workers at the EE Enniskillen site, which was passed unanimously. This decisive action underscores the union’s commitment to fighting for the jobs and community of Enniskillen.

Paddy Meehan, a delegate from the Northern Ireland Telecoms Branch, delivered a stirring speech that brought conference attendees to their feet. Paddy highlighted the harsh realities faced by approximately 300 workers whose jobs are threatened by the potential closure of the EE site. He emphasized the impracticality of workers commuting over 80 miles to Belfast and the adverse effects such a move would have on an area already struggling with high unemployment rates.

The local ‘Save Our Site’ campaign has seen significant community support, with hundreds attending rallies and receiving backing from politicians across different parties. The motion called for the T&FS Executive to continue this campaign vigorously, engage local politicians, and challenge the proposed site closure.

In a compelling call to action, Paddy urged fellow delegates and company leadership to reconsider the planned closure, emphasizing the community and worker impacts. His speech resonated deeply, leading to a wave of solidarity from other branches, with many sharing their own challenges and pledging support.

Motion 38 Category A at the conference specifically addressed the EE operation, condemning the short notice given to workers regarding the voluntary paid leavers scheme and the site’s strategic downgrading. It mandates continued advocacy against the site closure, underscoring the devastating economic impact on the Fermanagh community and the lives of hundreds of members and their families.

This unanimous vote at the conference is a testament to the CWU’s unified stance against the closure and a clear message that the fight is far from over. The Northern Ireland Telecoms Branch and its supporters are more determined than ever to safeguard these crucial jobs and the economic stability of the Enniskillen area.

Read the motion in full, below:


Conference notes the recent announcement by EE ‘Operation Blue Fin’ concerning the EE (former BT) Enniskillen site in which workers were offered a voluntary paid leavers scheme as well as confirming they no longer consider this a strategic site. This in effect puts pressure on workers to sign up to, in effect, their own site closure with only a few weeks’ notice. Conference, this an absolute disgrace and the time frame could not be considered anyway reasonable in the circumstances and will prohibit the union from meaningfully consulting and advising our members. Conference is aware that the loss of over 300 jobs in an area of Northern Ireland starved of similar employment opportunities will have a devastating impact on the local economy, the greater Fermanagh community and hundreds of our members & their families.

Conference instructs the T&FSE to: – continue the Save our Site campaign to lobby local politicians (councillors, MLA’s and MP’s from all parties representatives) to oppose the closure of the site, and continue to meet with BT Group representatives at all levels to fight the closure of the site, and brief the local branch and members with regular updates Northern Ireland Telecom